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The Summer of Toffie and Grummer

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This book is about an independent, self relient and clever young girl named Beatrice . Beatrice has never met her father before. Living in Johannesburg with her single mother Georgia, who is a total opposite of her daughter and yet she owns a very successful company. Georgia's irresponsibility and continuous drinking acts leads to the 14 year old playing a motherly role which is looking after her alcoholic mother who happens to vomit on the first scene.

Beatrice's plans of spending summer holiday with her mum at a new holiday home in some trendy dorp near Cape Town for four weeks changed as a result when her mother booked herself in Rehab for the fourth time. Beatrice ended up having to spend holidays with her estranged grandmother aka"Grummer". However Grummer is nothing like Beatrice's mother, she always wrote down her to Do- List and she is hands on, on everything in and around the house.

During her stay in Cape Town Beatrice met a friend "Toffie" and he helped her with a project called Pulling for Grummer. Things turn bad as the project does'nt go as planned but with all the dissapointments Beatrice sees the brighter side of things in which she gets to personally know her grandmother and her love for grandmother grows. In the end Beatirce's mother manages to pull her act together and now she hopes Beatrice and Grummer will learn to believe and trust her.