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The worlds lost treasures found. Timeless values - gift wrapped in world-class entertainment, an inspiration for every household.

Trackeroo and the Crew are going on a top secret and dangerous mission to earth. They have entered the earth's atmosphere via the roots of a tree. Their mission is to launch a secret weapon in the Concrete Jungle to annihilate a mysterious killer bug that the Whicked Wheed created to wipe out the entire earthling race.

The Whicked Wheed is enraged by their audacious attempt to sabotage his evil plan and commands his motley army of Snatchers to go on a rampage to derail their mission. The Vile Guile Ruler of Mayhem heads up this ferocious army, and reporting to him are Rabble Rousing Ringleaders and their evil hordes the Robbers and Rogues.

Trackeroo and the Crew’s quest to save the earthlings from this evil onslaught unfolds into one of the grandest love stories ever told. Their mission is nerve-racking at times, but the antics of the lively mélange of cool characters are hilarious. They provide plenty of fun and smiles to calm down the nerves of anyone brave enough to follow their epic journey – the journey via the land of Honestasia under siege by the Whicked Wheed. Throughout the journey, the crew has to activate treasure-tracks – never trouble-tracks – to stay on track. The haunting question on everyone’s lips is whether Trackeroo and the Crew have the mettle to stay on track. Will they reach the Concrete Jungle and will they be able to launch the secret weapon? Will they and can they save the earthling race from extinction?

It is Is aimed at Tweens, but all ages will be hooked on the story.